Corporate Travel Services

Our Corporate Department is recognized for its efficient handling of the most intricate to the most simple corporate needs. We work within a corporation’s travel policies to provide the most expedient travel maintaining the integrity of their policies. Our highly skilled agents are both knowledgeable and creative.

We have negotiated rates with hotels around the globe to insure our travelers the proper accommodations to suit their needs at competitive rates. We subscribe to services which provide lower rates for the corporate traveler. We establish corporate rates at frequently visited individual properties. We enroll our corporations in hotel programs to provide both individual and corporate benefits. All travelers within a corporation are profiled, enabling our agents to instantly transfer all frequent flyer numbers, seat preferences and club memberships into their travel arrangements.

We offer individualized reports detailed to meet each corporation’s needs. Reports may be sorted by traveler, city-pairs, fare, dates, job number, etc. The corporation may design the exact reporting and determine the frequency of reports.

It is our commitment to search for the best possible travel options for our clients. Travel arrangements are personally tailored to take optimum advantage of the most up to the minute changes in the industry. We have worked hard to perfect our system. We’re proud of our performance.

Meet Our Corporate Travel Team

Haifa Catarineau
Corporate Travel Specialist

I have been arranging and coordinating travel schedules and reservations for 25 years.. I am customer service-oriented and enjoy working with travelers to identify their travel preferences and create travel itineraries according to their needs. Trains, planes, hotels, cars- I’m here for you!


Fran DeLorme
Corporate Travel Specialist

I have been working on both Corporate and Leisure travel since 1982. My focus has been Corporate for over 20 years. I have a special relationship with my clients- and they are easy to call ‘friends’. I provide my personal touch to every reservation. I don’t just book travel- I really care about what I do. Details and organization matter, I don’t let things slip through the cracks.
I want my travelers to have the best possible experience- and I know it starts with me.